ROAD WORK by Greg Soone (ISBN 978-1-7776099-0-0) is a book of street photography from the 1970s and 1980s with 103 black and white photos and 20 color photos. New York City, the Bay Area, and Chinatown are featured prominently but other locales appear as well. As a Chinese American/Canadian photographer, much of Soone’s work can be seen through the lens of race and culture, including arresting images of African Americans and the Chinese immigrant community, among others. The book is being sold at cost, with no markup.


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Road Work is in the permanent collection of the following libraries:
     University of British Columbia Library
     Vancouver Public Library

Join Greg in Vancouver on May 29, 2022 for a slide show talk
    (link to the live stream will be posted by May 28):

     Powell Street Festival Society – Road Work Talk

The mere fact of having a book of photographs is in itself something beautifully retro and significant… Greg’s book brings back a vision that many of us in the digital selfie infused world have forgotten or are just beginning to discover… [His] work is reflective of a “golden age” of a socially conscious artistically created utilization of photography to create a discourse on the everyday world around us.
John Pai
Review in the International Examiner

In the intersection between time and space, Soone’s images touch down to freeze the “moment.” Whether it’s a man pushing a fluid of ice, blood and water across a Chinatown fish market floor, the looming shadow on an alley wall as two people conspire around the corner, or three strangers, each preoccupied in their own thoughts at a New York city subway stop – the photographer takes it all in and makes you a witness to this life. On the street, down the alley and across the horizon – anywhere in this world.
Alan Chong Lau
Painter and American Book Award-winning author of Songs for Jadina

One of those photographic books that effortlessly draws you back to another time and another place. Soone’s camera has captured interesting moments, angles and details, and makes you wish you could just step into these photos.
Catherine Clement
Curator and recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s medal for
Chinatown Through a Wide Lens: The Hidden Photographs of Yucho Chow

Every image invites closer scrutiny because this book contains time and places that I’ve known and almost forgotten. Give yourself time to savour these images; they will transport you to myriad worlds, all too real.
Paul Yee
Historian, acclaimed fiction writer, and recipient of the Vancouver Book Award for
Saltwater City: an Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver

Copyright © 2022 Greg Soone · All Rights Reserved

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  1. Hi Greg,
    Your work is fantastic. I’d love to sit down and chat with you about it, if you were interested. Not sure the best way to contact you, but if you have an email address I could send a message to, let me know!
    Thanks so much,


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